Clark Gillian

Travel through the challenging realm of the unconscious in this epic fantasy adventure! 

"As the deer pants for a stream of water, so my soul pants for you." 
-Psalm 42:1

The Enchanted Deer and the

Something is brewing in the four kingdoms. Something is buzzing throughout the Empire. Change is in the air. The fairy gate remains closed, but for how long? A Fool is born in a village. A Princess is born in a palace. The Enchanted Deer waits in the dark forest.

On his quest for the Enchanted Deer, the Fool encounters all the archetypes from the Tarot in a spectacular and magical adventure epic.


The Devious Dragon and the

Unhealed wounds threaten to take hold of the Princess and the Fool, even in the opulence of fairy paradise. Meanwhile, the Knight of Spears and the Bard hope to free the Emperor from captivity, even as they are constantly on the run - not just from the Council, but from the unceasing natural disasters that plague the Empire! Their goal seems an impossible task for a lone knight and a fallen troubadour.

The Knight knows that only the unimaginable gets a chance only from the unexpected. Luckily, this is the Bard's only talent.

In The Devil's Dragon and the Fall of the Emperor, the journey through the tarot cards is continued in a spectacular way that leaves everything and nothing to the imagination.