Clark Gillian

Path of Dhamma

Chapter 16.


N°16: Satisfaction
१६. प्रियवर्गः षोडशः


Do not follow all kinds of things that seem pleasant to you in such a way that you forget your meditation. If you forget the real purpose of life and begin to get stuck in all the forms of pleasure that can be found here on earth, you will soon become envious of those who have made their meditation a priority.

अयोगे युञ्जन्नात्मानं योगे चायोजयन् ।

अर्थं हित्त्वा प्रियग्राही स्पृहयेदात्मानुयोगिनम् ॥ १॥


If you can't appreciate when something is pleasant it makes room for pain. And constantly recognizing what is unpleasant also brings pain. Therefore, go beyond thinking in pleasure and pain.

मा प्रियैः समागच्छ अप्रियैः कदाचन

प्रियाणाम् अदर्शनं दुःखं अप्रियाणां च दर्शनम् ॥ २॥


Don't become obsessed and attached to anything, as if you need it to exist; because the harder you cling to it, the more pain it can bring you. Not liking things and at the same time not judging things as bad, that's freedom.

तस्मात् प्रियं न कुर्यात् प्रियापायो हि पापकः ।

ग्रन्थाः तेषां न विद्यन्ते येषां नाऽस्ति प्रियाप्रियम् ॥ ३॥


Being stuck on things because it says something about 'who you are' brings a painful struggle; clinging to things because it says something about "who you are" brings fear. Let go of the things that supposedly all tell people who you are, and you will be free from battle and free from fear.

प्रियतो जायते शोकः प्रियतो जायते भयम् ।

प्रियतो विप्रमुक्तस्य नाऽस्ति शोकः कुतो भयम् ॥ ४॥


When you have to get permission from a relationship to exist, it brings sadness. When you need permission from a relationship to be yourself, it brings fears. Let go of the relationships that supposedly give you a reason to be yourself and you will be free from sadness and free from fear.

प्रेमतो जायते शोकः प्रेमतो जायते भयम् ।

प्रेमतो विप्रमुक्तस्य नाऽस्ति शोकः कुतो भयम् ॥ ५॥


Self-gratification brings frustration; self-gratification brings fears. Let go of that need to satisfy yourself and you will be free from frustration and free from fear.

रत्या जायते शोको रत्या जायते भयम् ।

रत्या विप्रमुक्तस्य नाऽस्ति शोकः कुतो भयम् ॥ ६॥


Selfish desires bring restlessness into your life; selfish desires bring fear into your life. Let go of selfishness and you will be free from restlessness and free from fear.

कामतो जायते शोकः कामतो जायते भयम् ।

कामतो विप्रमुक्तस्य नाऽस्ति शोकः कुतो भयम् ॥ ७॥


Cravings bring pain, cravings bring fear. Don't give in to cravings and you will be free from pain and free from fear.

तृष्णाया जायते शोकः तृष्णाया जायते भयम् ।

तृष्णाया विप्रमुक्तस्य नाऽस्ति शोकः कुतो भयम् ॥ ८॥


People with character and insight, who are honest and kind-hearted and so committed to the DHARMA, they gain the respect of the world.

शीलदर्शनसम्पन्नं धर्मिष्ठं सत्यवादिनम् ।

आत्मनः कर्म कुर्वाणं तं जनः कुरुते प्रियम् ॥ ९॥


If you try to understand the incomprehensible and at the same time resist the temptations of the world, you will cross the river of life.

छन्दजातोऽनाख्याते मनसा च स्फुरितः स्यात् ।

कामेषु चाऽप्रतिबद्धचित्त ऊर्ध्वस्रोता इत्युच्यते ॥ १०॥


Just as family and friends welcome you with pleasure when you return from a long journey, so your good deeds will receive you as you move from this life to the next.

चिरप्रवासिनं पुरुषं दूरतः स्वस्त्यागतम् ।

ज्ञातिमित्राणि सुहृदश्चाऽभिनन्दन्त्यागतम् ॥ ११॥


Your good deeds await you with pleasure, just like close family.

तथैव कृतपुण्यमपि अस्माल्लोकात्परं गतम् ।

पुण्यानि प्रतिगृह्यन्ति प्रियं ज्ञातिभिवागतम् ॥ १२॥


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