Clark Gillian

The Devious Dragon and the Fall of the Emperor


Chapter 7.
The Invisible Hand.

The serpent's forked tongue flickered as he addressed the King of Coins, his amber eyes glinting with amusement. "My loyal friend," he hissed, the sibilant syllables slithering through the opulent chamber. "The Empire expands, claiming new lands and demanding fresh tributes. We need a symbol of this prosperity, a coin to inspire awe and obedience."

But the serpent's true desire, veiled beneath the rhetoric of expansion, was a treasure trove beyond his wildest dreams. He envisioned mountains of jewels glinting under his scales, silken tapestries adorned with precious stones, and the finest delicacies at his disposal. Coins, to him, were merely conduits to a life of unimaginable indulgence.

The King of Coins, however, saw opportunity in the serpent's avarice. A flicker of ambition, colder than any coin, danced in his eyes. He craved power, control over every pocket within the Empire, and this new currency presented a golden opportunity. His mind raced with intricate regulations, cunning edicts, and manipulative laws that would force the people to relinquish their treasures for these worthless tokens.

"A brilliant idea, your Majesty," he purred, the ice in his voice barely concealed by his obsequious bow. "But how are we to ensure absolute compliance? Surely some may cling to their valuables, valuing them more than these mere coins."

The serpent chuckled, a low rumble that sent shivers down the King's spine. "Leave that to me, my dear friend. We shall make them believe that coins are progress, that they represent security and prosperity. We shall sow confusion, manipulate their needs, and ultimately, they will trade away their most cherished possessions for the illusion of wealth."

A predatory glint flashed in the serpent's eyes. "Let them have their coins, King," he hissed, his voice laced with venom. "Let them feel the cold comfort of metal in their hands while we bask in the true riches they surrender. And remember," he added, his tone dangerously soft, "once they have nothing but coins, their value, their very lives, will be ours to determine."

The King of Coins swallowed hard, a knot of unease tightening in his chest. He had pledged his allegiance to the serpent, but the depth of the creature's ruthlessness sent a chill down his spine. 

The serpent writhed within his opulent golden cradle, jewels glinting off his emerald scales. The thought of untold riches delighted him, yet a hollow pang gnawed at his core. Memories of the shimmering, ethereal beauty of the fairy realm flickered at the edges of his consciousness, a stark contrast to the cold, hard treasures surrounding him. He loathed that realm, its delicate beauty a constant reminder of his exile. Yet, it was that very "fairy-ness" that granted him his cunning, his keen insights into the human realm's affairs. Each trinket, each bauble, held a faint echo of that lost magic, a glimmer he desperately craved to possess entirely.

Across the chamber, the sorceress materialized within her shard, her crimson gaze fixed upon him. He knew she sensed his turmoil, her own insatiable hunger for power mirroring his own. Their "chit-chats" about his iron-fisted rule were a carefully crafted dance, each seeking to manipulate the other for their own gain.

"Iron fists, indeed," she rasped, her voice laced with amusement. "Have you ever seen a snake with fists, dearest serpent? How truly…monstrous."

The serpent chuckled, a dry rasp that echoed through the opulent chamber. "But my rule is absolute, is it not? Invisible, perhaps, but no less potent." He revelled in the power she acknowledged, yet a sliver of unease pricked at him. Could she see through his charade, glimpse the hollowness beneath the glittering facade?

Suddenly, the chamber doors burst open, a flurry of movement heralding the arrival of the council and the King of Coins. News of their complete conquest echoed in the air, a symphony of subjugation to his will.

"The imperial coin is ready," the King of Coins announced, his voice brimming with self-importance. "Soon, all trade will be conducted through its cold, hard embrace. They will have no choice but to submit, their hearts irrelevant to our dominion."

The chamber echoed with applause as the counselors and the King of Coins showered the serpent with praise. 

"We all benefit, isn't that what matters?" the serpent hissed, his forked tongue flicking like a viper's. "A benevolent ruler shares his spoils, doesn't he? "

The counselors bowed low, greed cloaking their true thoughts. They envisioned overflowing coffers, personal gain masquerading as loyalty. Yet, a flicker of unease shadowed their jubilation. Something unnatural lurked beneath the serpent's surface.

"Now, I must depart," the serpent declared, his voice rasping. "A necessary journey."

"To the princess?" the sorceress interjected, a tremor in her voice. The mere mention of the Emperor's daughter sent shivers down her spine.

"But how? No soldier has breached the fairy world's defenses…"

The serpent chuckled, a chilling sound that echoed through the chamber.

"I," he hissed, "am no mere soldier."

As if on cue, he coiled, his emerald scales glinting under the torchlight. Then, in a mesmerizing dance of self-devouration, he began to swallow his own tail. The counselors gasped, their faces contorted in a mix of fear and morbid fascination.

With each gulp, the serpent seemed to shrink, his form warping and twisting like molten wax. The air crackled with a strange energy, a faint hum resonating through the chamber. Finally, with one final shudder, the serpent vanished entirely, leaving behind only a faint wisp of emerald smoke.

The sorceress stared, speechless, at the empty space. The counselors exchanged terrified glances, a cold dread settling over the room.


A shiver slithered down the white snake's spine as he emerged from a swirling mist, the iridescent beauty of the fairy world assaulting his senses. Meadows bloomed with impossible colors, crystalline fountains whispered secrets to the wind, and laughter echoed through the air, pure and untainted. He loathed it all.

"Too much togetherness, too little solitude," he hissed, the words tasting foreign on his forked tongue. "Too much light, too little...stuff." His eyes darted around, searching for the familiar shadows, the comforting emptiness he'd created in the human realm.

He slithered past vibrant cottages, their doors hanging open like mocking smiles. The streets, once bustling with life, were eerily deserted, the silence broken only by the chirping of unseen birds. 

"Humans had chosen this themselves, had they not," he muttered, his voice echoing hollowly. "This emptiness is their freedom."

A shadow fell over him, long and silent as the dusk. The white snake coiled defensively, raising his head to face the majestic form of the Enchanted Deer. Its amber eyes held an ancient wisdom, its gaze both gentle and unyielding.

"Have you come to witness your handiwork?" the Deer's voice rumbled, carrying the weight of ages. "The emptiness, the desolation you have wrought?"

The serpent scoffed, his scales bristling. "Don't play your games with me, Deer. You see what I've achieved. They've all left of their own accord, fleeing your suffocating paradise."

The Deer stood its ground, unfazed by the serpent's aggression.

"It's not me, little snake," it replied, its voice carrying a strange resonance. "But you that should look closer at what you think you've achieved."

The serpent hissed, a venomous cloud erupting from his throat. "Well they're gone now aren't they? The human realm is mine!"

The Deer stomped its hooves, the earth trembling beneath the impact.

"Anything released can return," it boomed.

"Anything held captive can only flee."

The serpent recoiled, a sliver of unease slithering through his cold blood. He retreated into the shadows away from the Enchanted Deer, and waited.


The Fool stretched, sunlight warming his sleep-kissed face. A vibrant melody danced in his mind, remnants of a dream filled with whispered secrets and hidden paths. In the distance, the majestic form of the Enchanted Deer glided through the deserted streets, its antlers crowned with morning mist.

A wide grin stretched across the Fool's face. "How long did I slumber?" he called out, bounding down the stairs and across the sun-drenched square.

The Deer turned, its amber eyes reflecting ancient wisdom. "Long enough," it rumbled, its voice carrying the weight of ages. "Long enough to awaken anew."

Without needing an invitation, the Fool scrambled into the Deer's magnificent antlers, finding a secure hold with his nimble feet. "You know what?" he began, the question bubbling on his lips.

"What stirs within you, young friend?" the Deer inquired, its voice gentle yet firm.

"The Princess," the Fool blurted, the name carrying a strange weight. "Where has she vanished to?"

A flicker of movement in the shadows caught the Fool's eye. From the gloom, a chilling hiss slithered through the air. "Who knows where she wanders," the serpent rasped, its voice laced with hidden venom. "Perhaps lost, perhaps seeking…"

The Deer snorted, the sound echoing through the empty streets. "Seeking answers," it corrected, its gaze fixed on the serpent. "Answers you wouldn't dare offer, serpent."

Intrigued and slightly nervous, the Fool clung tighter to the antlers. Before he could voice his growing unease, the Deer surged forward, the wind whipping through his hair as they soared over rolling hills. The sun glinted off the serene waterfront, where the Star and the elves usually gathered. But today, an unsettling silence hung heavy in the air.

Disappointment etched itself onto the Fool's face. "She's not here," he mumbled, scratching his head in confusion.

Suddenly, a chorus of croaks broke the silence. Toads, their beady eyes gleaming like obsidian marbles, emerged from the water, forming a circle around them. Tiny elves perched on their backs, their eyes sparkling with mischievous curiosity.

The Fool, emboldened by a newfound confidence, turned to the toads. "Have you seen the Princess?" he inquired, his voice echoing across the still water.

The elves burst into laughter and flitted away, their tinkling laughter trailing behind them. But the toads remained, their voices surprisingly clear. "Here, there, everywhere," they croaked in unison. "Coming, always coming."

The Fool's eyes widened in astonishment. "But…how? I understand them! I understand what they're saying!"

The Deer chuckled, a warm rumble that resonated through the Fool's very bones. "You listen, not just hear, my friend. The language of the world speaks to those who truly listen."

A fire of curiosity ignited within the Fool. He spent the next few moments conversing with the toads, their cryptic messages swirling in his mind, hinting at hidden paths and unspoken desires. Meanwhile, the serpent watched from the shadows, its reptilian features contorted in disgust.

"Here, everyone understands me…too…well," it hissed, the words laced with venom. "This realm of shared thoughts and open hearts suffocates me."

Driven by its aversion to the fairy world's transparency, the serpent slithered away, its destination a magnificent underwater castle hidden within the river's depths. There, amidst the playful water nymphs, it found the Princess, her serene expression a stark contrast to its own coiled anger.

"Greetings, Princess," the serpent rasped, bowing its head in a mockery of courtesy. "I bring you a gift, a token of welcome to this…enchanted prison."

The serpent's reptilian form rippled through the water, leaving the sunlit serenity of the Fool and the Deer behind. Disgust contorted his scales as he navigated the murky depths, finally breaching the surface beneath an ethereal castle floating amidst the clouds. Water nymphs flitted around him, their laughter echoing like wind chimes, but the serpent paid them no heed. His eyes were fixed on the figure draped in shimmering fabric, his prize nestled in his coils.

"Princess," he hissed, his voice slithering over the water like oil.

The Princess turned, her brow furrowed in recognition. This serpent, with its unsettling grin and glinting eyes, sent shivers down her spine.

"You," she breathed, the memory of the gurgling pumpkins and the suffocating tower rising like bile in her throat.

The serpent unfurled, revealing a glistening treasure chest at his side. "A token of welcome," he rasped, "to this…enchanted prison."

The Princess scoffed. "I need nothing here, amongst the beauty and freedom."

A flicker of something dark passed through the serpent's eyes. "But perhaps," he hissed, his voice dripping with veiled threats, "you desire something you cannot have in this idyllic cage."

His words held a weight that unsettled the Princess. Curiosity warred with her instincts, but before she could refuse, the chest lay at her feet, the serpent vanished in a swirl of scales and shadows.

Panic bloomed in her chest as she recognized the ornate carvings, the chilling echo of the tower echoing in its design. With trembling hands, she touched the cold metal, unleashing a torrent of memories - the dank air, the oppressive silence, the unending hunger.

She ripped her hand away, the chest searing her like a brand. She had to warn the Fool, yet his peaceful slumber mocked her urgency. As she approached, sleepiness tugged at her own eyelids, a strange warmth pulling her towards him.

She drifted into his dreams, his peaceful subconscious a welcome respite from the churning fear within. But the warmth morphed into an unsettling heat, the gurgling of the pumpkins now echoing in her merged mind. The serpent's laughter, cold and cruel, mingled with the Fool's innocent snores, creating a horrifying dissonance.


A restless tremor ran through the Princess, even amidst the fairy world's ethereal beauty. As the Fool recounted their adventures to the Enchanted Deer, her mind remained trapped in the shadows of the past. His words, filled with wide-eyed wonder, felt distant, muffled by the echo of her parents' grief.

"We're here," the Fool beamed, his smile radiating sunshine. "Happiness, shouldn't that be enough?"

The Princess forced a smile, a pale imitation of joy. "It should be," she whispered, the ghosts of her parents' faces shimmering before her closed eyes. The memory of their worried expressions, the sting of their forced farewell, was a constant ache in her heart.

The Fool reached for her hand, his touch warm and comforting, yet unable to reach the icy grip of fear that coiled around her soul. "Saving the Empire?" he offered, his voice laced with hope. "Perhaps…not."

She nodded, the weight of their failure settling heavily on her chest. But even in the absence of their mission, an even heavier question loomed: was happiness truly possible while her parents languished under the Emperor's tyranny?

"Happiness," the Fool insisted, his gaze earnest. "Isn't that the greatest gift we can give them?"

His words were like pebbles skimming the surface of her turmoil, unable to penetrate the depths of her despair. Happiness felt like a stolen luxury, a betrayal of their sacrifice. How could she find solace in paradise while their world burned?

A flicker of anger sparked within her. "But how free can I be," she cried, her voice tinged with frustration, "knowing where they are, or worse, what they endure?"

The Fool's smile faltered, replaced by a gentle understanding. "Time," he soothed, his voice a calm breeze. "We released our memories on the rainbow road. Let's honor that choice."

His words brought a temporary lull to the storm within her. The Fool, it seemed, had found solace in blissful oblivion, but for the Princess, forgetting felt like an act of treason. The guilt gnawed at her, fueled by the constant presence of the serpent's gift, a silent accusation lying on the pebble beach.

One starlit night, as the echoes of the past resonated around her – the gurgling pumpkins, the counselors' whispers, the clash of swords – the Princess could bear it no longer. She rose, her silhouette stark against the luminescent moon.

"I want to be here," she declared, her voice laced with defiance. "But not because I can't be anywhere else! Not because I was forced to flee!"

A soft thud echoed as the Enchanted Deer materialized beside her, its antlers shimmering with otherworldly light.

"Then choose," it rumbled, its voice resonating with ancient wisdom. "Choose to be here. Let go of the past. Find peace within."

Tears welled in the Princess's eyes as she stroked the Enchanted Deer's velvety snout. The moonlight cast long shadows, amplifying the weight of her guilt. "But I can't choose to do nothing," she choked out, her voice thick with emotion. "Every night, I see their faces – the fear, the disappointment, all because of me."

Her mind flashed back to the desperate pleas of her parents, the forced farewell etched forever in her memory. Had she been too trusting? Too naive? Should she have never gone to them in the first place, leading them down this path of suffering?

The Deer's gaze held an ancient wisdom, its voice calm yet firm. "Wouldn't it be wise to choose now, Princess? Choose to release the burden of responsibility, the constant torment of 'what ifs'."

But the Princess couldn't let go. The thought of her parents suffering because of her actions gnawed at her like a ravenous beast. "I can't," she whispered, her voice barely audible. "Knowing they're worse off because of me, that knowledge will never let me rest."

The Deer sighed, its breath heavy with unspoken secrets. "Knowing is only valuable if it leads to understanding, Princess. Fixating on knowledge for its own sake is a human affliction, a self-inflicted wound that festers in the heart."

Intrigued by the Deer's cryptic words, the Princess wiped her tears, a sliver of determination hardening her resolve. "There's something I have to show you," she declared, her voice resolute.


The tide lapped gently against the white pebble beach, the sound a stark contrast to the chilling silence that had descended upon the trio. The Princess and the Fool stood hand-in-hand, their eyes fixed on the ornate chest, its intricate carvings glinting mockingly in the moonlight. The air grew heavy, thick with unspoken fear and anticipation.

The Fool swallowed hard, his voice barely a whisper. "How…how did this even get here?"

The Enchanted Deer lowered its head, its amber eyes gleaming with ancient wisdom. "When a serpent slithers in the shadows, its gifts are never meant to bring light. This chest," it rumbled, its voice echoing across the empty beach, "holds only darkness, darkness designed to ensnare you in its coils."

The Princess shuddered, the Deer's words sending shivers down her spine. Yet, beneath the fear, a flicker of curiosity ignited. Could this chest hold the key to rescuing her parents? Was it worth the risk, the potential consequences lurking within its polished wood?

A cold wind swirled around them, whispering secrets she couldn't decipher. Was it the serpent's laughter carried on the breeze, or a warning from the fairy world itself? Time seemed to stand still, the weight of her decision pressing down on her chest, mirroring the weight of the unknown treasure before them.

With trembling fingers, the Princess reached towards the clasp, her heart pounding a frantic rhythm against her ribs. Would she succumb to the darkness within, or could she find the strength to resist its tempting embrace? The fate of her parents, perhaps even her own soul, hung precariously in the balance as she poised to unlock the serpent's gift, a Pandora's Box poised to unleash untold secrets and chilling consequences.