Clark Gillian

The Devious Dragon and the Fall of the Emperor


In the land of humankind, turmoil bubbles in the kingdoms, with The Fool and The Princess none the wiser. Through the magic of their union, they've entered the fairy paradise, where they experience a reality wondrous beyond imagining.

They know nothing of the shock wave that disrupted the veil as they entered, leaving the worlds of human and fairy visible to each other for a split second. Nor do they know of the army scouring the enchanted forest in search of them or the fate that has befallen the Princess's own parents.

Meanwhile, the Knight of Spears and the Bard hope to free the Emperor from captivity, even as they are constantly on the run - not just from the Council, but from the unceasing natural disasters that plague the Empire.

Everywhere cities are crumbling, beasts are roaming freely, and what seems like only a handful of souls fight for peace. The only way out is to stand and be where they are, as they are, united and connected against the forces of greed and corruption.