Clark Gillian

The Devious Dragon and the Fall of the Emperor


Chapter 27.
Three letters, one message.

A sense of anticipation rippled through the elven world as the Enchanted Deer returned from its meeting with the Four Giants – the stoic Owl, the fiery Wildcat, the cunning Fox, and the valiant Wolf, each representing a distant human kingdom. But even as joy filled the air, the ever-watchful Seer detected a new thread weaving into the tapestry of fate. Three pigeons, released from a tower in the Kingdom of Spears, soared across the vast human realm, carrying a single, coded message.

"When fate aligns so effortlessly," the Seer declared, her ageless eyes gleaming with wisdom, "it signifies a turning point. We are both creators and observers of our destiny."

A smile, rare in these troubled times, graced the Enchanted Deer's features. It shared a knowing glance with a figure approaching - the Dead Knight, his skeletal visage softened by a gentle smile. He dismounted from his spectral steed, his skull gleaming eerily in the ethereal light.

"Haven't seen you smile like that in ages, Seer," he rumbled, his voice echoing hollowly. "Not in the Elven realm, at least."

He leaned in, planting a kiss on each of the Seer's cheeks, then embraced the Enchanted Deer in a gesture of unexpected warmth. Once a nameless wind guiding souls between life and death, he had chosen to manifest as the Dead Knight, forever bound to the cycle of rebirth.

"This message will bring more work," he chuckled, a bony hand resting on his skeletal hip. "But you knew that, wouldn't you?"

The Enchanted Deer settled before the mirror of nothingness, its gaze reflecting the shifting landscape of the human world. "You said the same last time," it replied with a playful nudge. "Yet you always seem to find time for a chat."

The Dead Knight's skull let out a humorless laugh.

The Seer's gaze pierced the Dead Knight as she inquired, "Why have you come?"

He dismounted, securing his helmet to the saddle, and spoke with hesitant gravitas. "A shift has settled over the human world. The atmosphere… the very air… has changed."

The Seer nodded, her expression impassive. "Indeed. But not due to your meddling, dear Knight."

"Not my doing?" echoed the Enchanted Deer, its brow furrowed in confusion.

The Dead Knight paused, searching for the right words. "I sense a weariness among them," he finally confessed, "an exhaustion that makes weaving their lives together increasingly difficult. I cannot manage it alone, not anymore."

The Seer studied him intently. "How has your task changed in the human realm?" she probed.

"It began when the Five Giants constructed the Veil, separating our worlds."

"And you, Knight, are an intrinsic part of that Veil," the Seer stated solemnly. "A consequence, one might say, of humanity's peculiar choices – stets sacrificing one thing for another. That's how you came to be. That's why the Fairy Gate exists."

The Dead Knight acknowledged her words with a weary nod. "I understand my purpose, the void I fill. But it wasn't a choice. A task presented itself, and I fulfilled it. The Veil necessitated my existence."

A wave of sympathy washed over the Enchanted Deer. This air spirit, like everything else, was subject to change, even endings. "They're weary of it," the Dead Knight continued, his voice heavy with emotion, "and so am I. I feel it deep within my… essence."

A spark ignited in the Seer's eyes. "For long, I've observed how humans complement one another. But who complements me?"

"Do you seek your other half?" the Enchanted Deer gasped, awestruck.

"Indeed," the Dead Knight confirmed, a hint of confusion lingering in his voice. "But what could possibly embody the other half of my task?"

Excitement rippled through them as they witnessed a lone dove winging its way towards the misty Kingdom of Cups, ruled by the Queen and her husband. The mighty Enchanted Fox had made his presence known, his playful antics igniting laughter and introspection among those fortunate enough to see him. News of the Fox and his thought-provoking games reached the royal court, where the Queen and King, upon receiving the cryptic letter, exchanged a knowing glance and embraced, ready to embark on a mission that would challenge the world as it had become.

The second dove soared towards the icy peaks of the Kingdom of Swords, where eternal winter reigned over countless mines brimming with ore and gems. Here, the majestic Enchanted Owl descended upon those fortunate enough to witness its presence. It carried them above the highest mountaintops, offering a breathtaking vista of the boundless sky, a realm previously accessible only to the windswept wings of birds. The Owl's appearance and the awe-inspiring sight it revealed quickly became the subject of whispered tales echoing throughout the kingdom, reaching even the royal court. Thus, when the King and Queen of Swords received their cryptic letter, they prepared to be swept away by a metaphorical storm wind, ready for the unknown journey it promised.

Meanwhile, the third pigeon journeyed to the sun-drenched Kingdom of Coins, a warm land bordering the vast central sea and arid desert regions. The playful Enchanted Wildcat graced those with open eyes with its joyful presence, demonstrating the true value of appreciating the riches of Mother Earth rather than mere acquisition and hoarding. Stories of the Wildcat's carefree spirit spread like wildfire, captivating the attention of even the Queen of Coins, who ruled her kingdom alone, burdened by loneliness and grief. Though her husband and son remained alive, they resided in the distant City of Stars, serving the enigmatic Imperial Council. Their letters boasting of newfound wealth and the promise of even greater riches brought her no solace. To her, the true purpose of power wasn't the relentless pursuit of material gain.

However, a recent letter from her husband, his handwriting unusually crooked and spidery, sent shivers down her spine. He gleefully announced the Imperial Council's decision to arrange their son's marriage to the Princess. "How is it," the Queen's mind churned, "that I receive an invitation to an Imperial wedding, only to discover it concerns my own son?" A sense of powerlessness gnawed at her. Why remain trapped in a game that no longer brought her joy?

So, when the Queen, whose spirit had been rekindled by the Wildcat's tales of genuine enjoyment, received her own message, she tore it into pieces, watching the flames consume the cryptic words. "This time," she vowed silently, "I'll play a different game, one guided by love and connection, not just the dictates of duty."

The majestic form of the Enchanted Wolf materialized within the Kingdom of Spears, its presence witnessed only by those blessed with sight beyond the veil. Tales of its raw spirit and unwavering loyalty ignited within the hearts of the people, echoing even within the royal court. The leaders knew, deep down, they had made the right decision in sending the cryptic messages.

Meanwhile, in the ethereal realm of the elven world, the Five Giants convened under the silvery glow of a full moon, sharing whispers of their subtle influences on the human realm. It was amidst this council that the mighty Enchanted Wolf appeared, its form silhouetted against the moonlit window of the King and Queen's chambers.

Astounded, the royal couple dropped everything to witness this encounter with one of the primordial forces that shaped their world. Before they could stammer a question, the Wolf spoke, its voice resonating with an ancient power that reverberated through the kingdom.

"A new dawn approaches," it declared, "and the kingdom you envision is but a mere seed. Persevere, for the four realms shall unite, preserving their unique spirits while weaving a tapestry stronger than any they have known before. This message brings solace to our hearts."

A tremor of emotion shook the Wolf's form as it gazed at the moon, its mournful cry echoing across the land before it vanished as swiftly as it arrived.


"What was that?" the serpent inquired, his scales scraping against the cool marble as he traversed the Imperial Palace.

"What was what?" the Sorceress echoed from within the mirrors.

"Don't you hear it?" the serpent hissed, his voice laced with irritation.

The Sorceress paused, listening intently. "Ah, you mean the howling? Likely just the street dogs under the full moon."

A low growl rumbled from the serpent's throat. "No, woman, that's not the howl of a dog. Scour the mirrors! See what's happening in the kingdoms. My focus here in the capital has blinded me."

The Sorceress complied, her form shimmering as she delved into each mirror, gathering fragmented glimpses of the Enchanted Fox, Owl, Wildcat, and Wolf. Upon returning, she relayed the tales, leaving the serpent trembling with fury. His serpentine form contorted, dark wings erupting from his back, and limbs bursting forth from his belly.

"They're back," he hissed venomously, "the Five Giants of the Beginning. The Enchanted Deer has stirred them."

"And are these tales true?" the Sorceress questioned.

Panic sent the serpent slithering through the palace, councilmen scrambling to keep pace while terrified servants scurried to avoid his path.

"Answer me!" he spat, his voice echoing off the walls. "I haven't time for questions! We must prepare for what's coming, for they'll take everything I've built! I've warned for days, yet no one listens!"

"I hear you," the Sorceress declared, her voice calm amidst the chaos.

The serpent met her gaze, a glimmer of hope flickering in his reptilian eyes. "Then you shall receive what I promised," he rasped.