Clark Gillian

The Enchanted Deer and the

Something is brewing in the four kingdoms. Something is buzzing throughout the Empire. Change is in the air. The fairy gate remains closed, but for how long? A Fool is born in a village. A Princess is born in a palace. The Enchanted Deer waits in the dark forest.

Once in a cursed land devoid of beauty, a lost child lays eyes on a creature of legend.

Awed by a giant deer and its otherworldly allure, the child will remember the sighting, keeping it as close as treasure until life's hardships strip away its lustre. It's many years before a travelling bard will weave a song of the Enchanted Deer, a giant from the time the world was created, and revive the childhood wonder in the young Fool's heart.

The village in the Land of Old Wives is a quiet, desolate place, but when a witch threatens the peace, the Fool puts aside his quest and persuades a passing knight to aid him in vanquishing her. Together they engage her in a battle and believe the Witch to be conquered. With a metal of bravery in hand, the Fool announces that he will pursue The Enchanted Deer once more. When he sets out to chase his dreams, at last, the Fool discovers his fate is entwined with the last person he expected.